Direct-Approach Recruitment

Our international, human-sized firm, is close to its clients and is known for its efficiency in completing projects, as well as, its expertise in the direct-approach recruitment method of executives and field specialists.

Market Positioning

Our clients are :

  • French companies ranging from SMEs/SMIs to members of the Paris Stock Exchange
  • European subsidiaries of international groups
  • Investment funds

Our Paris team consists of two consultants and two research officers who specialize in multicultural work environments, and have a wide range of personal and professional experience, which lends them credibility among their clients and the candidates they accompany.

The numerous projects we oversee allow us to accurately determine the most suitable profiles, much in terms of professional skills as in personality – we choose the profiles that best match the company culture of the groups we advise.

Our Process

In the current competitive and tense hiring market, which favors top candidates, the direct-approach method is the most suited for convincing the best professionals of why joining your company is the best decision.

This is why we develop and use our internal and external contact database, as well as the personal networks of each consultant’s area of activity.

We select companies that have a general professional level equivalent to that of your company and identify professionals with the necessary experience and personality who can handle all aspects of the available position.
Together, we define the future position in your company with the HR team and the operational manager concerned. We explain the context of the job opening, the position in question, its environment, the desired profile and the conditions of employment (workplace, expected salary, etc.).

The defined job description includes the presentation of the company and its framework, the identification of future tasks and responsibilities, the desired candidate’s professional profile (education, experience, languages, etc.) and personal profile (skills and qualifications). All of this information, is communicated to the preselected candidates.

Presentation of the position and confirmation of the motivation level of the targeted candidate, over the phone
Initial confirmation of agreed-upon criteria
Presentation of the attractive aspects of the company, its group and the available position – this interview allows us to better understand the candidate’s career path, motivation and personality.
Our recommendation of the candidate will be sent to you, before you meet with him/her.
The ESTEAM European Search consultant, will be your chosen contact for the entire process. He/She will provide you with a simple and complete progress report, via email, every 15 days or during specific circumstances. Of course, when necessary, any other useful information will be brought to your attention. Your consultant can also help you with negotiating the salary, if required.

– We strongly recommend that you conduct your interviews quickly, to avoid losing possible candidates. The interviews can take place in your office, allowing the candidate to familiarize him/herself with your company. These interviews can also take place at our office situated in Paris, if confidentiality is necessary.

– We inform all candidates of the next steps for their application, as soon as possible


We estimate a period of 2 to 4 weeks before we can present our clients with our selection of potential candidates.

We do our best to reduce this waiting period, without compromising the quality of the profiles we recommend. We keep our clients informed of our progress, by regularly sending them detailed progress reports.

Guaranteed Service and Commitment

We are 100% committed to the success of our clients and their search. For each case, we put together an experienced team of one consultant and one research officer, guaranteeing a comprehensive search. We guarantee your candidates a successful first year.

Additionally, we promise not to recruit any of your current employees for a period of one year and indefinitely for candidates you have hired, unless explicitly stated otherwise.

All terms and conditions are recorded in a written contract and signed by both parties at the start of the recruitment process.

Company Testimonials

"I have been using ESTEAM services for many years now and I am very happy. Their responsiveness, availability and subtle way of understanding the candidates make them one of the best recruitment firms I have ever worked with. I highly recommend ESTEAM.”
Je recommande chaleureusement le cabinet ESTEAM"

Jean-Louis REVEL
CEO, International Plastic Group

" As a former HR Director, I was able to work with ESTEAM European Search on numerous occasions. Whether it was for standard searches, targeted or not, this firm stands out for its effectiveness. The careful understanding of all the technical, environmental and social aspects that surround any recruitment process is one of this firm’s strongest qualities. I’d like to add that I always appreciated the ever-present personal dimension of their interactions."

Former Director of Human Resources, ICADE

Selected Candidate Testimonials

"My career path is quite atypical, so I really appreciated the attention given to my file. A lending ear, availability, honesty, warmth and simplicity were what I experienced during the entire recruitment process. All of these qualities, allowed me to be more comfortable during my interviews. For me, ESTEAM and the people who work there are very considerate. "

Sabine L
Plant Director

“ESTEAM’s strength is the support it gives its candidates, at every stage of the recruitment process. As its name indicates ESTEAM represents team spirit from the beginning to the end. With a check-in and follow-up meeting before and after each interview, ESTEAM knows exactly what to say and what advice to give that will make you stand out. Lastly, ESTEAM is the only firm that accompanies you from the first interview up until you sign the contract. They really do go above and beyond.”

Sales & Marketing Director

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