ESTEAM European Search is a Direct-Approach Recruitment and Managerial Coaching agency.

It was created in 2003, by consultants who have many years of professional experience working as directors in various companies, followed by recruitment and consulting experiences in Human Resources.

ESTEAM European Search accompanies its clients in the short and long term, when implementing their strategy. They help them hire the best employees giving them an opportunity to stand out from the ever-increasing competition and constantly improve their professionalism and entrepreneurial spirit – resulting in optimized project and team management.

ESTEAM European Search has experts who specialize in complex, multicultural work environments.

Its team consists of two consultants and two research officers who have unique personal and professional experiences. Their vast expertise allows ESTEAM European Search to better respond to its clients’ specific recruitment requirements and to brainstorm about specific issues together.

ESTEAM European Search enjoys a strong international presence thanks to its partners in :

Spain (Valencia), Serbia (Belgrade), Russia (Moscow), Poland (Warsaw) and Hungary (Budapest). They all share our work methods and market positioning.

Our office has just celebrated its 15 years of existence Discover our brochure

ESTEAM European Search15 years of experience