Human Resources Consulting

As an HR consulting firm, ESTEAM European Search accompanies businesses in their potential development..

We help you identify and develop the potential of the women and men of your company, at different times in their professional lives.

We can help you with your in-house recruitment process,by objectively supervising your selection of a final candidate, chosen externally or internally.

At the end of the recruitment process, we conduct an evaluation of the skills and potential of your candidates, in order to help you choose the best one.

The evaluation is based on

  • A detailed analysis of your needs
  • An in-depth interview with the candidate
  • A personality test (SOSIE)
  • A summary report of the candidate’s abilities, skills, motivation and capacity to adapt to your company’s culture

We identify potential, especially managerial or professional, by detecting abilities, talents and the possibility of an employee to evolve in your company beyond his/her hard skills.

This assessment allows us to consider different evolutionary paths within your company and the necessary steps and support system required for the successful development of your employees. It also allows us to accompany you in the preparation of your succession plan.

These methods are based on :

  • A detailed analysis of your needs
  • An in-depth interview with the candidate,
  • A personality and/or logical reasoning test, based on each individual case
  • An oral presentation of the assessment followed by a discussion of the results with the candidate
  • A summary report of the candidate’s skills, abilities and motivation

Professional Assessments

We recommend professional assessments for employees whose professional development is uncertain or who encounter difficulties within their team.

This assessment can help an employee position himself/herself professionally by becoming aware of his/her skills and growth potential.

Agencies : The assessment is based on a detailed analysis of your needs, and is followed by a series of five interviews with the employee :

The first meeting (1 hour) is an in-depth interview that yields a detailed analysis of your needs and includes a presentation of our role throughout the coaching process
The second meeting (3 hours) includes an analysis of the professional and personal experiences of the executive, based on the documents, completed between the first and second meetings.

Taking the SOSIE test, which is the most commonly used personality test in France, provides HR professionals with information on the personality and the sources of motivation or the values of the individual. It can thus identify an individual’s professional growth, the match or possible discrepancy between the available position and his/her motivation, and the professional behavior of the individual.

The only personality inventory test to equally evaluate personality and values is the SOSIE, which explores specific categories in terms of professional behavior: 8 personality traits, 12 personal and interpersonal values and 3 styles of behavior.

The third meeting (2.5 hours) includes an analysis of the SOSIE personality test, the executive’s professional motivation and values, a summary of his/her professional growth and identifying the key points and areas of improvement.
The fourth meeting (2.5 hours) focuses on the development of the executive’s short-term professional projects and discussing his/her mid/long-term professional evolution (including possible training courses). We also focus on the development of action plans and the main phases of his/her projects.
After the fourth meeting, the HR Director/Manager will receive an oral presentation and analysis of the executive, which includes his/her strengths and areas of improvement regarding personality, motivation, beneficial environment, acquired skills, future projects and action plans.
The fifth meeting (2 hours) takes place with the executive, the Director of Human Resources, the manager and one of our consultants who will present the results of the assessment.

The interviews are spread out over a period of 4-6 weeks, with the first four taking place in our offices, situated in Paris.

This assessment can be supplemented with an additional interview (of around 3 hours) where we discuss job search techniques, such as, resume optimization, social media presentation, mock recruitment interviews, etc.

Progress Report

There will be two follow-up calls to monitor the progress of the employee’s professional project and his/her job search.

Personal Investment

This professional assessment requires a serious personal investment for the employee, who will have to invest time and effort between appointments, thus allowing us to be as efficient and thorough as possible.

Ethical commitment

Committing to this process requires a trusting and sincere exchange between parties and a serious involvement on the part of the beneficiary.


"At first, I was quite unsure about the idea of doing this assessment that management mentioned to me. I was told it would help me integrate easier, after I was hired. I did it anyway and met with Mrs. Chantal Emore for an afternoon to discuss it. During the interview, I took a personality test that lasted around 30 minutes. This helped her assess my needs, strengths and weaknesses, possible and necessary areas of improvement, etc. We also discussed my academic and professional backgrounds. When reading the test results, I noticed that certain traits were more obvious than others. Mrs. Emore gave me as much advice and encouragement during the follow-ups, as on the day we met. There was constant phone support, which was very helpful, especially when I was experiencing moments of personal doubt. To this day, and thanks to her, I come to work feeling confident and calm. I learned a lot about self-control and as a result, I am surrounded by positivity. I absolutely do not regret having done the assessment, quite the contrary, I recommend it!"

Caroline P

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